Pipemaker Biographies

Alberto Bonfiglioli

Alberto has sold pipes since 1967 at his shop at 8/a Bertiera Street in Bologna, Italy and has been making pipes since 1974. He produces all shapes and finishes (rustic, sandblasted, carved, smooth and freeform).  He was named “Doctor of Pipes” at the 2008 Chicagoland Pipe Show!  Current Offerings from Alberto

Gregor Lobnik

Gregor Lobnik lives and works in Kamnica, Slovenia, just a few kilometers south of the Austrian border.  Enjoying woodworking, he made his first pipe in 1998.  In 2004, one of his pipes was selected for the finals of the Pipe and Tobaccos magazine carving contest. It was during this time that he met Peter Matzhold, who became a mentor and a good friend. Peter helped him to “fine tune” his pipe-carving skills. All of this has resulted in Gregor’s pipes being in an ever increasing demand worldwide. All of Gregor’s pipes are carved from the finest Italian briar which he chooses himself. Current Offerings from Gregor

Luigi Viprati

Luigi Viprati is known for making pipes with outstanding Straight Grains at his workshop in Brescia, Italy. He does this not only by going to the Briar Mills and taking the time to hand pick the briar blocks himself but also his well trained eye (he has been making pipes since 1972) is able recognize which blocks will result in the best grained pipes. He prefers to use only extra-extra plateau Ligurian briar.  Current Offerings from Luigi

Kevin Arthur Skraboly

American carver Kevin Arthur Skraboly has been a pipe smoker on and off for the past 36 years and a pipemaker since 2007. Kevin purchased his first pipe in a little smoke shop in Hjorring, Denmark at the age of 17. It was during his last hiatus from smoking that he somehow misplaced that pipe and that’s how his journey into pipemaking began. The pipe was a Stanwell known back then as a “Captains” pipe and after searching for a suitable replacement he came up empty handed. Kevin decided to make a duplicate of that pipe. The first attempt turned out fairly close to the original but the second attempt was a complete success. It was in this way that Kevin fell in love with the entire process of pipemaking and it seemed to fill a creative gap in his life. Kevin attended the 2009 Chicago Pipe Show and was amazed by the very positive response to his pipes. Kevin’s goal is to provide mid and high grade pipes with exceptional engineering at an affordable price. Current Offerings from Kevin

Mogens (Johs) Johanssen

Mogens worked as a Pipe Carver for Bjarne Nielsen in Denmark for many years. With Bjarnes untimely passing several years ago Mogens set out on his own stamping his creations simply as JOHS. He makes his pipes to the same standards as Bjarne. Nicely crafted, excellent smokers! Current Offerings from Mogens

Chris Askwith

Chris Askwith lives in Plymouth, in the South West of England, the place where the Pilgrims left for America. Chris started smoking a pipe in 2006 and began making pipes since 2007. In 2007 he met an American pipe maker living in Cornwall, Paul Hubartt of Larrysson Pipes, while attending meetings of the South West Pipe Club. It was Paul who gave Chris the opportunity to make his first pipe, and indeed the first dozen or so Askwith pipes were made using Paul’s tools. The money made from selling these pipes was spent equipping his own workshop at home and now all Askwith pipes are made in the workshop at Plymouth. Current Offerings from Chris

Simeon Turner

In 2003 while a high school English teacher, Simeon Turner began to dabble at the craft of pipe making. He is no longer a teacher but a skilled craftsman with a new career as a Pipe Maker. He works from his home in Denver, Colorado where he creates pipes that he is proud to stamp as Turner! The following quote defines Simeon both as a person and as a Pipe Maker…

“I truly believe that a fine pipe is special; it is an heirloom that can be passed down with a story that lasts beyond ourselves.  I do not take for granted the opportunity I have to share my work with my customers.  Whether my pipe is a minor addition to your already impressive collection, or a first pipe to be treasured above all others, I am grateful for the opportunity to play a part in your story.” Current Offerings from Simeon

Nathan Armentrout

Although a relative newcomer (about 2 years) to the art of crafting pipes, Pipemaker / 8th Grade Science Teacher Nathan Armentrout is proving to be a “Quick Study”. His pipe creations are not only pleasing to the eye they offer an excellent smoke as well! The following statement is Nathans approach to pipe making:

Pipemaking is a journey made one pipe at a time and it is my goal that each step on the journey, each pipe I make, is better than the last. I am committed to making 100% hand-made pipes from the finest available materials to provide smokers and collectors with both a satisfying smoke and a beautiful pipe. My desire is to pursue the beauty and precision of classical shapes while adding touches of a modern and artistic aesthetic. All the pipes I offer are ones that I would be proud to smoke myself. I hope you feel the same.

Nathan Armentrout resides in California with his wife and twin daughters.



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